Premier Group

At Rainey and Sons Contractors, collaboration is at the heart of our operations. Through our valued partnership with Premier Group, we extend our expertise to fellow contractors in the realms of employee benefits and retirement planning. Our collaboration facilitates a seamless avenue for fellow contractors to access a complimentary evaluation of their current plans, coupled with insightful guidance from esteemed companies such as John Hancock and National Life Group.

Understanding the multifaceted needs of contractors, we provide specialized insights into short-term disability and supplemental income solutions. Leveraging our partnership with Premier Group opens doors for fellow contractors to explore the comprehensive offerings of providers like Assurity, gaining access to group workspace benefits that enhance the well-being of their workforce.

Via our relationship with Premier Group we are able to obtain reduce rates, service offered to fellow contractors includes, General liability coverage, workmen’s comp, group and individual life insurance, group and individual short term disability, individual and company 401K planning as well as retirement planning and much more. Call for more information. 1-855-435-6565